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Soren, Participant

Hi! My name is Soren. I am from Boulder, Colorado. I just graduated high school this past spring. I decided to take a gap year to explore the world and my interests before heading off to college. I think a gap year will be a great way for me to......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group C


To pack or not to pack: some notes on packing

Los instructores, Participant

Hola queridos estudiantes, I will admit one thing up front (Raquel here speaking for a sec), PACKING is my worst fear and nightmare! Every time I have to pack for an adventure I find myself on the phone with my mom asking for her advice and really......Read More


Travel & Technology: Our Guidelines &...

Jeff, Jhasmany, & Sandy, Instructor

Dear friends, Let’s talk about electronics. This brief note is to remind you that you won’t need any electronics on this course. If you would like to bring something, please follow these guidelines: WHAT? Not permitted: Cell phones, computers,......Read More


Our Technology Policy

Instructors, Instructor

This semester will be an amazing opportunity to enhance your skills in being present with your homestay families, community-members, peers, I-team, and Nepal! As a result, we ask you to please not bring phones, tablets, or laptops of any kind (not......Read More

WTBD Yaks from India

India: Himalayas to the Ganges River



Callie, Participant

Hey guys! I’m feeling uncharacteristically outgoing today, so I’ll break the ice for student posts. I’m Callie (she/her/hers) – I’m 18, I live outside Philadelphia, and at the end of this gap year I’m heading to......Read More


Course Instructor Intro!

Olivia Werby, Participant

Hello fellow travellers! My name is Olivia Werby, and I will be one of your course instructors this fall in Indonesia. I’m so excited to meet you all and together explore a country that is close to my heart! I’m going to kick off introductions,......Read More


Instructor Intro: Sights and Sounds

Jacky Li, Participant

Hello everyone, It is with great excitement that I am writing this introduction. I don’t think you could anticipate the kind of adventures that you have signed up for. To borrow a line from Kubo and the Two Strings, “If you must blink, do it......Read More


Instructor intro!

Somsanid Inthongsai, Participant

Welcome everyone to the Mekong program and Sabaidee with palm folded like a lotus shape an official greating from Laos, where in the past it’s called “Lan Xang” Kingdom literally means The Millions of Elephant land. My heart keep......Read More



Sidonie, Micah, and Mohamed, Instructor

Smart Phones, mP3 players, and tech devices: The big question is: what electronic devices can help us capture and fully embrace the best moments during our Fall semester program? Bringing smart phones, smart watches, or any other smart gadgets?......Read More