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My name is Lia!

Lia, Participant

Welcome to Indonesia! Let me introduce myself, my name is Lia. I am from Indonesia. I live with my family in Yogyakarta, with my father, mother and my two brothers. By the way, what is your name? Where are you from? Do you know that I can’t wait......Read More



Sloan, Participant

Hey y’all! My name is Sloan and ever since my freshman year of high school I knew I wanted to take a break before before starting college. Until recently I thought that “gap year” meant galavanting around Europe on a Eurail pass.......Read More


Rough Itinerary Madagascar, Fall 2017

Sidonie, Micah, and Mohamed, Instructor

Dear Fall Madagascar Students, We are writing today to share with you a tentative itinerary and revisit some of the main components of our trip that determine the nature of our time together. In designing the fall Madagascar course, one of our most......Read More


Natalie Intro

Natalie Cotter, Participant

Hey everyone!! I’m Natalie! I live in Newton, MA which is a suburb of Boston. I just graduated high school in the spring and and a few days ago I turned 18. It’s been really cool reading all of your intros so far because I seem to have a lot......Read More



Paula, Participant

Hi everyone! I feel kind of weird writing this, since I can only imagine you guys reading this at home, and feeling the thrill I have felt every time something new appears on the Yak.. also, I have no idea what to say about myself, but let’s......Read More


Staying Healthy and Happy in Nepal!

The Instructor Team, Participant

Hello and Namaste, Students! As you are aware, staying healthy in Nepal requires some extra vigilance, so we are sharing some things you may want to bring now that you are in the packing process. No need to stress out about it – we will be......Read More


Myingalar Bar

Ngun Siang Kim, Participant

Myanmar has been welcome by international communities due to its recent political reformed. As the country emerges from a long period of isolation, visitors now have the chance to come and experience its wonderful for themselves, but there are more......Read More


What is an ISP?

i-team (Luke, Olivia, Rita), Participant

What is an Independent Study Project (ISP)? The ISP is a way for you to pursue something you are interested in, on your own terms, apart from the rest of the group. The majority of the hands-on ISP work is done in Jogja because that’s where we......Read More


Bahasa Indonesia

i-team (Luke, Olivia, Rita), Participant

Apa kabar murid-murid Naga! (How are you Dragons’s students!) Bellow are few basic Indonesian phrases that you can start practicing at home and on the plane to Indonesia. You’ll quickly realize how even a few words in bahasa Indonesia can help......Read More


Indonesia Master Packing List!

Olivia, Rita, and Luke, Participant

Indonesia Clothing & Equipment MASTER PACKING LIST Selamat Datang Dragons, It’s about time to start that first round of packing. This is when it all starts to feel real! It is less stressful when you consider that there is no “one way” to......Read More