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Photos and video from Lares Trek

I-Team, Participant

Picture of the Week

Here are some photos from the trek! It was a challenging and chilly trek but with incredible views. Thanks so much to our trekking guide Americo and our Andean spirituality teacher Miguelinti for everything they taught us on the hike. We’ll rest and recharge today before heading off to Machu Picchu tomorrow. link to video

Lake Superior: The Good Life


Black Ash Tree Harvest

brooke, Participant

Today, we started our first day of basket-making led by April Stone, an expert indigenous basket weaver. We started by visiting the forest where we found a beautiful black ash tree that we chose to harvest. Before cutting down the tree, the group......Read More


Toro toro trek

Isabelle and Sebastian, Participant

Two days ago, we started our trek with three guides from Toro Toro named Sabino, Freddie, and Victor. They were absolute beasts. I told one of them he had legs like the Hulk because he was straight booking it. Leaving us all in the dust. It was a......Read More


A canyon where giant condors live

Mariner and Sage, Participant

Today we hiked in the area around Toro-Toro. In the morning, we saw a few different types of dinosaur footprints. The guides explained how they were all from the Cretaceous period. After we traveled down a river to a lookout, where we could see an......Read More


The infamous dinosaur ‘museum’

Ellie and Marley, Dragons Admin

Throughout our time in Toro-Toro, we were able to explore the town. Our favorite part was the infamous dinosaur ‘museum’. When you enter the museum you are hit by the little gift shop that encapsulates all of Toro-Toro’s tourism. Beyond the......Read More


Day in Nuevo Horizonte

Jessie, Participant

Hello all! We are currently in our 2nd location of the trip- a small town called Nuevo Horizonte. Each day we have been doing 4 hours of Spanish class and then an activity. This morning we did a 2-hour hike through the forest to a lagoon.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Senegal

Senegal: In the Shade of the Baobab Tree


Our hike to the village of Iwol

Kennice, Participant

Our time in Senegal has been an emotional rollercoaster. With schedule delays, last minute changes, and people leaving the group, it’s been hectic. Still, we continued on, and I’m glad we did. My family knows that I’m a big time nature girl......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Peru

Peru: Sacred Mountains


Peru: Sacred Mountains Interactive Maps with Yak...

Parent, Participant

Hi All, My wife Joan and I are so pleased to see our daughter Mei with your kids.  At work, I spend most of my day working with geographic information systems (GIS) analyzing data spatially and making maps.  So I couldn’t help myself when I......Read More


A Great First Day of Trekking

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Dear Friends and Family of the Senegal Summer Students, The instructors called the Dragons office from their mountain trek to report that the student group had a fantastic first day of trekking in the lush green southern hills of Senegal. The group......Read More



Mei and Stella, Participant

What’s up! It’s the dynamic duo, Mei and Stella! Today was filled with trek prep in our beautiful home base in Urubamba. We started the day off with gear prep and shopping in the market and finished with meal planning. The market is full......Read More


Loving Life!

Benjamin Lee, Participant

Loving life! After a couple early morning wake-ups to serve as comfortable shocks to our teenage sleep schedules we had some great breakfasts (one made by one of our very own mini-pods) and started to gather some looks as to what life might look......Read More


Beginning the Trek

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Greetings to Friends and Family of Dragons Senegal Students! Today the group visited a gold mine outside of Kedougou and learned more about resource management in the area. Tomorrow we will leave the city of Kedougou and travel to the village of......Read More