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WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies


My homestay life

Max, Participant

My homestay life is interesting. My 16 year old brother Luza is an epic beat boxer (and so am I) so we’ve been composing some masterpieces together. My dad Gyani Raj is a stone carver and he’s really talented. He let me try carving......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, & Conservation



Oliver Johnston, Participant

On Tuesday, the students, Colin, and Bradford woke up around 4 am to travel to Borobudur before most tourists would arrive. Borobudur is a a Buddhist temple that attracts many people, Indonesians and travelers alike. Immediately upon arriving, the......Read More


PachaMama’s Teachings

Sean Thomas, Participant

Sometimes you need to take a step back and read PachaMama’s signs. This became more and more evident as our first exped in Parque Patagonia continued to unfold. What started as whispers from our surroundings culminated in all our shouting and arm......Read More



Zack, Instructor

Some 13 years later I still vividly remember my first homestay experience. I remember the anxiety I felt going into it. Will they like me? What if I do something culturally inappropriate without knowing? Language barriers? I also remember when I......Read More


Images from 1st Exped

Anja Clark, Participant

***The Andes Leadership Semester, a collaborative program with the High Mountain Institute*** First Yak!   I love photography and oil paint but wasn’t always able to pause to take photos/draw, so here are some images that wish I was able to......Read More


Ten Inherent Rights of Mountains

Andes Leadership Students, Participant

Yak of the Week

A Mountain’s right to its own ecosystem, and the extension of a Mountain’s rights to all beings and things within its immediate ecosystem. A Mountain’s right to retain their natural structure. Freedom from excessive and destructive human......Read More



Participant, Participant

One of my favorite things about Bhutan particularly that of Thimphu is its phenomenal architecture intricately patterned with natural imagery and geometric shapes. I think it’s wonderful how there’s a strong cohesiveness amongst the various......Read More



Juancho, Instructor

The sun rises and you can already hear people in the distance starting their day, a few dogs barking and that one rooster that is actually a little late at 6 am. As I walk out of my house I stop to admire the surreal view, the volcanoes are still......Read More


First Homestay!

Eeshani, Participant

On Sunday we arrived in the town of Tiquipaya in high spirits, ready to tackle our first and longest homestay. We spent the evening laughing, playing card games, and wondering how our homestay will be. After a night of camping on the farm where our......Read More


Going into our second week in Patan

Instructors, Participant

Namaste The past week has been full of exciting happenings and events! After our short trek we spent the night in an area called Boudhanath. It is near the Boudha Stupa, a religious heritage site surrounded by mostly Sherpa and Tibetan communities.......Read More


Hi from San Miguel!

Biz Fay and Nell Jaquiss, Participant

Hi all! Biz and Nell here! We can’t believe it has already almost been two weeks! It feels like just yesterday we were in the Guatemala City airport having just arrived! After two relaxing days at a beautiful organic farm getting to know one......Read More