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Photo by Celia Mitchell, Indonesia Semester.
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Megan, Participant

This Sunday, I had no idea what I would see and feel as I climbed into the back of a Jeep station wagon straight out of 1977 with my homestay parents. They told me we were going to wash blankets, and I wasn´t sure what that entailed, but in my mind......Read More


Home stay in Parque De La Papa!!!!

Angela Jaramillo, Participant

Hi Everyone! Being in Peru and experiencing a home stay in Parque De La Papa was amazing. For starters, the different lifestyle, food, and environment were so interesting to experience first hand. My home stay family was Cesar(dad), Ilaria (Mom),......Read More


Food in Parque de la Papa

Sylvie Weiman, Participant

¡Hola! We just finished up an amazing home-stay experience in Parque de la Papa. Being there made me think a lot about the way I consume food at home. Usually, my food comes neat and clean and wrapped in plastic, arriving in my refrigerator......Read More


Homestay Recap

Joe, Participant

Hello everyone! We are currently in Ocangate prepping for our six day Ausangate trek. We left bright and early this morning at 7 am from Parque de la Papa, where we just completed our four day homestay. Parque de la Papa, or Paru Paru, is a little......Read More


Moving into homestay

Jessica A, Dragons Admin

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that the group are leaving Antsirabe and are heading to Ambatomanga to start their first homestay. The instructor team has cell service so we can still get Yaks out. I’ll certainly share any......Read More


Such A Sampela Moment

Anna M., Participant

Yak of the Week

“Sampai nanti Ibu!” I call as I tiptoe across my porch and down the precarious and wobbly steps of our stilted home. I set out towards rumah Andar (our program house in Sampela) tiptoeing, eyes glued to the boardwalk, trying to remember......Read More

WTBD yaks from Mekong

Mekong: The Tibetan Plateau to the Heart of Southeast Asia


Abuah’s Story

Maia, Participant

Abuah was our trekking guide for our three days of trekking in the Lijang mountains. He is from the Lisu people, an ethnic minority group in China. In Lisu culture, there is fire pit culture, telling stories around a fire. They do not have......Read More


Sampela photos

Jessica Armstrong, Dragons Admin

Hi everyone, I am itchy for more Indo student Yaks but alas these amazing photos will have to suffice. They have been taken over the past few days and show the students meeting their homestay families for the first time and participating in......Read More