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Such A Sampela Moment

Anna M., Participant

Yak of the Week

“Sampai nanti Ibu!” I call as I tiptoe across my porch and down the precarious and wobbly steps of our stilted home. I set out towards rumah Andar (our program house in Sampela) tiptoeing, eyes glued to the boardwalk, trying to remember......Read More


Sampela photos

Jessica Armstrong, Dragons Admin

Hi everyone, I am itchy for more Indo student Yaks but alas these amazing photos will have to suffice. They have been taken over the past few days and show the students meeting their homestay families for the first time and participating in......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, and Conservation


Arrived safely to Sampela

Keshet Miller, Instructor

We have arrived safely to Sampela after traveling by taxi, plane, and boats to get here. After all of the anticipation of Sampela, the group is happy to finally be settling into their homestays above the ocean. We arrived to the boardwalk, greeted......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, & Conservation


News From Sampela

Kyle, Participant

We arrive in Sampela after spending a few nights in western-style hotels, travel weary and excited to meet our final homestay families. Sampela is initially a very alien place; rickety wooden boardwalks wind through stilted houses, and the ocean......Read More


Sampela Thanksgiving

Ariella, Participant

Yak of the Week

I am awoken by a symphony; shrieking children, yelling conversations, the thunder of footsteps, chickens screaming… I moan, roll off my mat, and stumble out of my room into the kitchen. I creep outside onto our woven bamboo porch, where I find......Read More


Group on the move

Jessica A, Participant

Hello family and friends of our Indonesia Fall Dragons! I just wanted to update you that the team have left their aquatic homestay in Sampela and are now on route to their final destiantion (Bira) where they will wrap up their course. The group now......Read More


The Ocean

Olivia W, Instructor

As we move back into Sampela, our homestay village on the sea, I’m left thinking about the connection I feel to the ocean, and wanted to share this quote I recently read: “Our life, it probably began inside of the ocean. About four......Read More


Meet Sampela’s family

Instructor, Instructor

Today is the first day of our homestay in Sampela, Wakatobi. After arriving in this village, Andar met us and took us to his home where all the families waited, curious to meet all of the students–their new children for the next 12 days.......Read More