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Sumba, Indonesia

Sadie Fischbeck, Participant

If there’s anywhere in the world where it’s possible for the air to smell like sweet grass and sunsets, it’s the island of Sumba. Located on the southern-most edge of the archipelago, Sumba is home to an overwhelming array of......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, and Conservation


Homestay by the Ocean

Lila Brady, Participant

A little excerpt from my journal a few days ago: 4/7/19 7:34 am – Musa Homestay, Lamboya, Sumba What a beautiful flow here. To wake when my body tells me to, to read under my mosquito net canopy of roses. To waft between the ocean and the......Read More



Isabel Dubois, Participant

X-Phase is a week where the students plan the entire week. We have been in Sumba for the past 4 days. Day 1: We began by boarding an eight hour ferry from flores where our homestay was to Waingapu, Sumba. On our ferry we bought ecomony tickets and......Read More